Tompter Micro 750:

Designed for use with an iPhone. Requires purchase of additional software via the Apple app store. If you create web videos, church communications, or need a fast inexpensive professional solution and you have both a recording device (laptop or tablet) and an iPhone for teleprompting. App store software uses voice-active technology to follow along with speed control.

Basic Tompter 1250: (over 200 sold!)

15" Optical Glass Teleprompter Made with a recycled SD monitor, for those on a budget. Comes with a stand, optical prompter glass, and a 10' VGA cable. Additional software (free and/or paid) is described in our software section. Horizontal image flip is controlled by software from the laptop end.

Executive Tompter PRO 1550:

Has all the features as the Tompter 1250 but with a brand new H-Flip monitor. 15" Optical Glass Teleprompter for Pro Studios, Houses of Worship, and professionals. Horizontal image flip is hardwired internal to the monitor. This allows a deviation from prompter software to allow teachers and executives to use Powerpoint or other software to list out talking points.

Broadcast Tompter 1950:

Custom fabricated 19" Wide Screen HDMI with specialty mounts.

Email with scope of work for a price.

At the present time we are building them to order, and additional information is not going to be available.

We are changing our line and developing new and exciting products.

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Tom Beattie