"Hey Tom, everything arrived! it's all good. actually they tried delivering the prompter/monitor yesterday so it was waiting at the post office for me this morning. and the mailman delivered the stand today. go figure. all i can say it that is an extremely nice design you have going there and well worth the price. looking forward to getting it set up and running. i operate a tiny 1-man-band video production house for companies wanting to put a video on their website and my own home-made teleprompter worked by the screen was a personal dvd player with a 9" screen that was just too hard for the client to read at anything more than about six feet. this will make teleprompting much easier and i look forward to making lots of money with it! let me know if you need any testimonials." -Mark, (3/2011 - Via Ebay)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my Tompter last week and it is absolutely great!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful, professional product at such an affordable cost! Until I found your product, I was telling my church that a decent teleprompter would probably cost about $1000. So you can imagine everyone's surprise when I showed up for our weekly announcement/newscast taping with the Tompter. We were all blown away by the simplicity and quality of your product. Thanks again for all your help." -C. J. C (2/2011 - Via Ebay)

"I appreciate all the help and time you've spent answering my questions and following up." -D. B. (2/2011 - Alabama)

"I'm very satisfied with the Tompter. It's a simple and elegant design, and it works as well as the high end professional prompters - a lot of bang for the bucks! Most of all, thank you for the personal service. That's what sold me on your product." -L. H. (1/2011 - Baltimore/DC)

"Dear tommygunz007, Yes friend that was a wonderful buy" -Dr. J (10/2010 via Ebay)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the teleprompter. Before we found your telepromter, we were looking at some others online, and I'm so glad we found yours because the design makes it so much easier to use. The fact that the lcd is right underneath the glass instead of trying to angle a laptop or other monitor towards the reflective screen just makes so much more sense than what these other companies are selling. The black hood that wraps around the camera has also turned out to be very important, since many times there are lights shining behind the prompter making it difficult to read, but the hood blocks all of that light out. It's very durable and all I have to do is hook up a latop to the cable, and it's good to go. Thanks again." -Clark W. (10/2010 via Ebay)